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Indices Trading

Learn advantages of trading multiple companies across multiple industries via Index CFDs.


An index is usually made up of company shares that are listed together on the same exchange. These groups are often mentioned in the news media. They are used to measure how a particular market or exchange is performing.

Investors trade indices in the hope of profiting from their growth and adding diversity to their portfolio. Trading indices means trading multiple company shares across multiple industries. For example, companies like Volkswagen and Adidas fall under the German DAX index. The companies in the DAX index are the most valuable companies listed on the German Deutsche Boerse stock exchange.

Why trade Index CFDs with GKFX?

At GKFX we offer the chance to trade from 0.10 lots. This means a trader can begin trading at 0.10 of the index price. A deposit of just 1% of the price of the trade is also required. Traders can profit from falling markets through short-selling the indices, as well as the rising markets.

Trading Index CFDs with GKFX gives you a greater exposure to the market and makes share trading more liquid. GKFX offers an extensive selection of UK, European and US equities across multiple industries.

You will still get the diversity of trading the multiple companies in the index, and you can trade multiple indices across the UK, Europe, and the US.

You can find the full list of the international equities you can trade with GKFX on the Market Information Sheet

GKFX offer a free Demo Account alongside our Trading Skills tools, which are designed to aid new traders and test their trading strategies.

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Our products are traded on margin and carry a high degree of risk. Losses can exceed your initial deposit.