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Economic Calendar

The economic calendar announces relevant news events that could have an impact on financial markets. Plan your trading around these news events to make informed decisions when trading.



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forex economic calendar
  • Key Features
  • Classified announcements according to volatility,
  • Weekly and Daily view of the news,
  • Ability to filter by country,
  • Ability to filter by importance and time,
  • Simple and user friendly design,

How to Read the Economic Calendar

News announcements are often followed by strong movement in the market. It is essential to know how to read the economic calendar in order to evaluate the impact an announcement may have on a certain segment of the market.

While reading the economic calendar the 3 following guidelines should be considered:
Bad news will have more influence than good news, this is one of the advanced aspects of modern financial behaviour. More than the numbers itself, it is the difference from the consensus that economists/analysts have to consider.

forex economic calendar

Indeed, the theory of market efficiency states that what is planned is already built into the share price. It is what is not expected, for example a significant difference between the forecast and the figure provided (a gap which was not previewed by analysts), which will have a strong impact on the market. Similarly, the difference between the value reported and the previous value will guide investors. In all cases, investors analyse a gap and not the value itself.

The news announcements are classified according to the volatility they may cause. Prior to the release of an announcement, there is a phase of stagnation (low volatility) to lead to a phase of greater or less volatility during the announcement, according to the discrepancy with the consensus. Some announcements exhibit stronger influence than others and the price of the instruments involved will be impacted with more volatility: they are reported with three exclamation points "!" in the GKFX economic calendar.

forex economic calendar

In addition, most news announcements only have an effect on a certain sector/region (on a specific sector of a country) and not a global effect: this is why the news announcements are classified by country.

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